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09 December 2023

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#5 - Pastor Andre McGuire (ALM Ministries) Hartford and Waterbury, CT



If you'd like to know more about ALM or Pastor Andre, visit their website:

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Mail a check or money order to ALM's Ministries International, 57 Howard St. Waterbury 06705 or to PO Box 260397 Hartford, CT 06705

Pastor McGuire's bio from the ALM Website:

"Pastor André L. McGuire, JD present Vice President of the Black Ministerial Alliance of New Britain and vicinity; Health and Wellness Program Manager at HRA, New Britain; chair of the Central Area Health Education Center, Inc. Board of Directors; past member of the Board of Directors of Charter Oak Health Center and their Clinical Affairs Quality and Compliance Committee Chair. A speaker for and planning body member of the Summit for Boys and Men of Color June 8-11, 2021 with The University of Connecticut Health Disparities Institute, Hartford Health Department and others as we sought to break the iniquity that keep Boys and Men of Color ranked atop issues like HIV, diabetes, STI’s, Education and on and on. Pastor McGuire served as past Co-Chair of the Greater Hartford Ryan White Planning Council (Planning Council) and of the Connecticut HIV Planning Consortium (CHPC). Because of his diligence and effectiveness both terms as co-chair were extended another full term. Through the Planning Council he has been instrumental in reinvigorating People Living with HIV (PLWH) and motivating them to become active participants bringing about needed change in the groups directives and allocation of funds as they established a place for peer support programming.

As the Co-Chair for the CHPC Pastor McGuire has mentored new PLWH members, encouraging and empowering them to advocate for themselves and others. He was instrumental in establishing a peer support white sheet for DPH and uses his substantial skill and ability developed while practicing law and as a Pastor to effectively communicate with all parties involved in the planning process. He uses his intellect and experience to encourage critical thinking and meaningful analysis that often lead to improvements in the delivery of services and the retrieval of data, ultimately improving health outcomes and health equity. He applies wisdom with persistence to encourage change and realize a larger vision over an extended period of time and across complex systems involving the interactions of religious institutions, individuals, families, communities, healthcare institutions, and funders among others.

Two words in scripture stand out to Pastor McGuire. They stand out because life’s situations can cause some to be without hope and to give up. Those two words are “But God” when God gets into the mix people and things change. Let us all be clear of this one thing, God is in the mix. Change is taking place…."


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