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26 November 2023

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#4- Barbara Pittman - Jacksonville, FL - Part 2



Sister Barbara Pittman shares her testimony and Book-of-Acts encounters while doing ministry in Alaska and Florida, etc. This is Part 2 of a 2-part episode. Sis Barbara talks about her move to Alaska, moving back to the mainland, and the work that she's doing now. 

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Show Transcript

Speaker A: Hello and welcome to the Urban Fresh podcast, where we interview missionaries from around the globe. I'm your host Tanisha Knight, and I'm so glad you could join us. This is part two of the interview with evangelist Barbara Pittman out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Speaker B: My daughter, my oldest daughter, she passed away about two years ago. She was in Alaska. Her and her husband, he was in the military. And Thanksgiving day she called me and said, mama, tell me how to make that sweet potato pie. So I gave her the recipe and I was walking her through it and she said, you know what, you should come. Oh, it's beautiful here. You should come and visit. As soon as she spoke that, the Lord said, go.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: Did anybody else hear that? I know they did, but look, I started giving all my stuff away. I had two bands, a brand new 2000, and this was in November of 2000. I started giving all my stuff away. I had a 1985 celebrity. I think that's Ford or Chevrolet car - gave it all away. Clothes look for that though. I didn't know how I would get to Alaska. She kept saying, well, I'm going to look up the ticket. I'm going to see because I get a military discount. I want to take some men to work in my brand new van because I work for the labor pool. On the way back, a big long flatbed truck come right over on the driver's side. Never touched me. Never touched the driver's door. No, that was the passenger side. I'm looking crazy. I'm like, what's going on? So I go across the street, the police come. He said, ma'am, pull across the street. I pull across the street. When he first talked to the truck driver, the truck driver said, I'm so sorry, I didn't see her. So I pulled over on her. When his got that, he tried to change the story. The police said, no, I know what you told me. And he went over there and picked some glass that he had broke on my light and threw it on the ground. And he said, when you go to court, you tell the judge what I did. I'm like to myself, what did he do, throw some red glass on the ground? The company was so good to me. The claims adjuster came the same day. Two days later I had a $3,000 check. Hello, take your van down and repair it. Two days later, another $6,000 check. Two days later, another $3,000 check. So I called him just I said, well, I got this money and I'm going to pay. As soon as they called me to pick the van up, I'll pay for it. He said, no, we paying for the repairs on the van. That's for your suffering. I knew that scared you almost to is. So look, money to go to Alaska in this place where I was living I ministered, even to the top, the head person, and she didn't believe. So she was sitting in the office one day, and her and a bunch of counselors was together. And I went down there, and she said, how are you doing? I said, I'm doing all right. They put a crazy lady in the room with me. This is at a women's shelter. I had all of this stuff, two vans and a car and living in a women's shelter, not because I had to, but that's where the assignment was. Yes, work there. So, look, they put the crazy lady in there, and this person would say, oh, I wouldn't sleep with her in my room. I said, Honey, I'm going to sleep like a baby, because with Debbie, that he that is in the work, the lady left. Nobody knew where she went to. So the head top lady was sitting in the office with the counselors. And I spoke to her. She halfway spoke back. And this is what the lady said of one of the counselors. She said, Well, Barbara, do you know what happened to your roommate? I said, I really don't know. I really haven't thought on it. I said, but there was demons in that, because demons was in that woman.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: You wasn't scared? I said, no, I went to sleep. I have time for her. And them, they weren't going to do nothing to me. The head lady, she said, yeah, I put her in the room with you because they said you had such great power in God. I wanted to see she said, she's gone. I said, yeah, she's gone. I said, and you have cancer, and you've been to the doctor. I said, and you've been keeping it a secret. I said, but the cat is out the back. I said, But God told me to tell you if you repent, he'll hear your body. I guess she did, yeah. You need the house. Don't you play with God. Don't play with him. He's not the one. It's not about me. The lady that was over my case, she said this to me. She said, I didn't know what God was going to do for you. She said, but, honey, I was sitting back waiting to see the move of God for you. She said, woman you going to Alaska. I said yeah. She said, Nobody else in here have exciting news like that. You know, that's God. She had her daughter calling me. I was not supposed to be in contact with none of her relatives because she was a counselor there.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Her daughter calling me.

Speaker A: Sister Barbara. You're talking about some Book of Acts stuff?

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: So with that particular, did you get that in a vision, or was that God impressing that idea on you?

Speaker B: That God speaking on the spot.

Speaker A: Oh, my.

Speaker B: Hot off the press, direct from heaven.

Speaker A: Oh, my.

Speaker B: Prayed out my mouth. I have nothing to do with it. Hey, glory. I feel the spirit of the Lord move. I had nothing to do with that. That was my business.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: But he let her know.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: You tried to put her in the room to test me. Yeah. So many things happened at a chaplain that he was one of them, what I call a little quiet dead ministry. And he didn't get excited about God or praise. He just had a job as chaplain. And when I would try to say something, he would try to cut me down. And the Lord let me know, Shut up. Sit back. Just shut up. And that's what I did. All of a sudden, he come down sick. He couldn't come no more. He didn't show up no more. But I could. Wow. Yeah. Because what God wanted to do is impress the people to have faith.

Speaker A: That's right.

Speaker B: Listen, the beginning to know him is wisdom. And this is how you become wise. You believe those of us that come to him. We must believe that God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: So he wanted me to impress this on the people. If you believe me, I'll show up. If you believe me, I'll do what you need me to do, and you will know that it is me.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: 911 happened while I was there. And I didn't understand what was going. We had kill them with this. I was like so my boss called me. He said, hey, listen here. They done blowed up the trade. They're coming on in America to kill all of us. I don't think so, but it'll be okay. Yeah. So many things.

Speaker A: Many things. One of the things you mentioned this a while ago when you were starting to talk about your job, the job for 34 years. I actually have it here. For those of us like myself struggling to stay in a job for four years. How did you manage to stay, in your words, with a crazy boss for 34 years?

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: The favor of Almighty God. Because this is what happened. I went there to drive some people to work to help him out. And it was supposed to be for one afternoon, and he paid me quite handsome for it. So I took these men out, and when I come back in, he said, hey, you need a job? I say, yeah, I could use a job. He said, okay, be here in the morning, but I need you to be here at 05:00. And during this time, I wasn't saved yet. Now, so during this time, I had a boyfriend and we lived together. So I took him, he got a job, crossed the street, and at night he went to Winn Dixon warehouse to work. Man here, he brought me into the office with his sister and his neighbor, and he made me a paid companion. I really do no work. Every day at 11:00, we went to lunch together. We would ride through the city and sang out the window to people. I led him to the Lord. He was just too much. He was just too much to back. But he loved me.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Really did love me.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: And his mother told me this. She said, you know what? Because he was gay, he was a homosexual.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: His mother said if he wasn't the way he is, he would marry you.

Speaker C: Yeah.

Speaker B: She think the world of you.

Speaker C: Wow.

Speaker B: And he would cuss me out and all kind of stuff. Yeah, but you didn't do I said, no, I did not do it. But you should have did it. I said, and yes, I should have. And why did you do it? I said, well, I probably was on the phone. Yeah, well, this is not your house. This is not where you hang out on the phone. I need my work done. I started collecting money where we called it an agent report where the people haven't paid in a long time. So I got that and I started calling and the people started paying. And he liked that. And then he liked the fact that I was outspoken and wasn't afraid of nothing. You hear me? So he liked it that take these men to work, all men. It might be five men and I'm the only one and I'm driving. He said, you know, you are crazy too. I said, what? He said, you just jump in a car and take them me into work. Don't give it a second thought. They could kill you anything. I said, it's my job and they're not going to stop me from making this money. So we would app and all of this, but 34 years off and on. He was my best friend. He bought my children Christmas. I had a son to get shot there. I mean, he came from the beach like that and anything I need, I could go to him. Hey, I need food, I need clothes, my kids need medicine. Whatever it was that he could do to be a blessing to me, the only problem with him was he had a really soft heart and he often gave to the wrong people. He gave to what he thought loved him, but they didn't. They only used him. But we really still in touch now. He live in Savannah.

Speaker C: That's good.

Speaker B: And I'm in touch with his sister.

Speaker A: It's very encouraging to hear that God can deliver people from know, including homosexuality. Thank God. So I know we mentioned that you've ministered in a few cities. You're now in Jacksonville, and you've given us some stories about the places you've been to. What brought you back to Florida, to Jacksonville in particular?

Speaker B: Well, when I got to Alaska, I ended up with a ministry. I worked for drug and alcohol treatment at this women's center. I met the head lady over the center by accident and I cooked and she got to taste the fried chicken, and we got to talk. And so she said, you know what? I said what? She said, you are a very beautiful person. She said, and from this day forward, I'm going to look out for you. Wow. You know what I'm saying? I need it.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: So I lived on a place called Fort Wainwright, and they had a ski lodge. And I told her, I said, you like skiing? She said, I love it. I said, Well, I can get you on the lodge, and you can go in the lodge. I said, you can go skiing as much as you want. She said okay. She said, and this is what I'm going to make you, a floater. She said anywhere. We short on people, I'm going to put you there. She took me from place to place to place. So look at the women shelter that I worked. That was this young lady there, and she had some really nice feet. Who do your feet? She said, oh, this lady. I go to her house. I said, but can you hook me up with her? Not knowing God had a purpose and a plan. Didn't I tell you? Trial and error. Come in there too, now?

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: So when I meet this lady, it was strange. She lived right around the corner from me. She sent her son to come and walk me back to her house. When I got there, she was all excited to meet me. But on the phone before I got to meet her, I was talking to her, and God told me what to tell her about children, because she wanted children. By the time I got to that woman house, she was excited. She did my feet all and then she invited me again, but she invited me out for breakfast. She said, I just want to talk to you. I just never met nobody like you. I said okay. So the Lord said, go.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Breakfast. But her husband told her, hey, don't cook none for that woman in here. Don't you cook no food for her. Take that woman out to professional restaurant. She said, yes, that's what he told me. And today, me and him, good friends today, well, they was getting ready to leave and find out they was from Mayport Beach, which is about maybe 30 minutes from Jacksonville, if that. And she said, you know, the Lord told me to tell you this. I'm your armor bearer. Well, I don't know about that, because, see, when I hear armor bearer, I always think of flunky. I said, you can be my administrator. She said okay. She said, and the Lord told me to tell you the name is Freedom Doors Ministry.

Speaker C: Wow.

Speaker B: As soon as she said it caught in my spirit.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: She drove on back. Everywhere they stopped, she would call me and let me know how far they was back to Florida, because they drove out of Alaska, back to Florida. They had all that California to go through, all that Texas. So about a year later, I was able to come back. I had an accident up down the ice. And it's just so much to it. It was just so strange. The company filed workman comp for me. I never had to file. So one day, after all of that was over with and they diagnosed my knee, they let me went back and do light duty. I was down at one house for the runaway children. Oh, I could tell you something. And then I went down to the administration building, which was down the street. So a lot of the ladies that work was down there. And I went out back, and I stood on the back, and there was this white young lady. She said, I'm going home. I said, are you? She said, yeah, I'm going home. The Lord spoke to me and said, you can go home too, if you want her. I said, And I'm going home too. She didn't believe me. So she went in the kitchen and told everybody, barbara say she going home. They said, if you try to leave, we'll kill you. I said, Well, I guess I'm going to go home dead, because I'm sure going. They had a huge staff meeting, and this pastor I knew, Pastor Blackburn, he was in the meeting. When my daughter and I saw him, we got all excited, and he just sat down humble.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: So, look, let's say that was on a Thursday. By the next Thursday, they had closed the center.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Do you hear me? They was closing it. I had to go. I didn't have to leave Alaska. But God opened the door for me to go home.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: This daughter, not married daughter, this daughter that's here now, she wanted to come home with me. And we was trying to figure out how we was going to get home. Well, there was a white Godson, and I called him, and he said, oh, I got Alaskan air miles. All you got to do, Mama, is ask for the miles and get on the plane and come on. So we got out of there. I gave everything I had away a.

Speaker A: Second time, for the second time, plenty of times.

Speaker B: Plenty of times.

Speaker C: Okay.

Speaker B: Because he taught me, never be beholden to nothing but me. I'm the way, the truth, and the life.

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: Anything you need, I can supply.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: And then I gave everything to the church I was going to first, Samoan Christian Fellowship Church. They spoke Samoan. I spoke English. She spoke English. The first time I went to that church there, oh, my goodness. We got caught up. We were sitting next to each other, and they was having praise and worship. Our praise and worship wasn't the same as theirs, the members and even the pastors, because they were thinking on other things. We just thinking on the goodness of the Lord and how he brought us together. And I was able to come to the church and tongues went to all my and it was like electricity shooting from her to me, her to me. Oh, it was beautiful. I had $100 bill and I was saving it. I didn't know what for, but I couldn't spend it. The Lord told me to go come home, get the $100 bill and all this stuff. I had bought the giveaway for gift. I didn't know who to take it all to the church. I gave her the $100 bill, took the stuff to the church and they had a baby boy, his name was Tuba. And I said, now, this is for Tuba. And she liked what I said. Well, the Lord told me to give it. The Lord used me just one time to prophesy. After that, every Wednesday and every Sunday they had me coming. Wow, trial and error. I went to the Lord. Now he using it because it wasn't me and I knew it. But I go to him, I said, Well, Lord, is this me this too much? I've never been in one place this long. He didn't say a word. Where's the Sunday? I went right back over there. Sunday right back over there. They was blessing me right and left. But see, I'm not like most people. I don't really look at the money. I just have to make my calling and election. Sure. I have to know that this is God that's using me and not thinking I'm using myself. And I'm not doing it because the people ask me, but I'm doing because this is what God is sending me to do.

Speaker C: Amen.

Speaker B: So I come out of there, up and down the road, georgia, Florida, Alabama, back to Georgia, Clearwater, just everywhere. But I'm ministering there's somebody that need a word from the Lord. So he used me in that way. And then people invite me to come. So I'm going and I'm preaching and I'm feeding the hungry and I'm doing this, going to see about the sick, the elderly, all of this. Children without mothers or fathers, a foster care. I'm just everywhere, all over to the missions where hungry people, poor people go, homeless people go. I'm all over there and people telling me, be careful because those people have hipatitis. It'll never no calamity shall come down. Yes, come to do the will of him that's amen.

Speaker A: That's encouraging. Where we are, it's an area where when you say the city, not a lot of people speak favorably of it. Right. And so you live in where I had one person after we were in New York at one point, after we moved here, I went back to the church I used to go to, told a brother where we were living now. He said if that was the last place on earth, I would never live there. Well, let's just say that did not encourage me, but God is faithful. I also had a police officer tell me, pull up almost by my front door because I was outside, I think, cleaning. And he goes, Why did you move here? Not quoting him directly, but this was the attitude. Why did you move here, sell your house, and go back to where you're coming from? Basically, that's what you said. And he said, oh, you know, this place is awful. If we had a Republican mayor, it would be better. And I felt as though initially I felt discouraged, but I also felt the spirit telling me, don't listen to him. He's not in charge. The mayor is not in charge. I'm in charge.

Speaker B: And if this is where I'm placing.

Speaker A: You now, you're going to be all learning.

Speaker B: Let me share this real quick as quickly as possible. I lived in government housing, and one of the worst projects there is in Jacksonville. It's called hilltop village.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: I didn't understand. The police come to me, and he said, Ma'am, you're not scared to stay in here?

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: I said, Listen, and I told him what I had to tell him. He said, all right, Ma'am.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Said that, look, God sent polices. I started cooking. One police tell another. And they all started coming. Even a sergeant come to eat the food.

Speaker C: Wow.

Speaker A: Was this at a restaurant? Okay, go ahead.

Speaker B: It's just the government apartment. I go out of town to preach and come back. The police sitting by the dumpster, waiting on where you been? I said, I had to go out of town. For what? I said hold up. I said this my business. He was like, yeah. What you got in there to eat? I said, I don't have nothing. I just got home. I didn't cook nothing. Sarge, she just got here. I said, Y'all been watching my house? He said, yeah, we've been waiting on you to come because Sarge hungry. I said, Sarge better go to Popeyes or McDonald's or somewhere and get him something to eat. Nothing in here. He let me talk to her. Hey, Ma'am. I said, hey, sir, I'll be on Ryan after a while. How long it's going to take you? I said, It's not going to take me. I'm not cooking. I'm not cooking. Well, I'll be on over there tomorrow then. I said okay?

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: I got the free lunch program open to feed the children, all kind of things. Christmas come Thanksgiving, god was just throwing I had one man to give me $1,500 to buy food for the project for Christmas.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: I had enough to buy some gifts.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: I could tell you so many things, but people told me to get up out of there. You in the wrong place. What you doing in here? Look, I went to the rent office, to the rental office to talk to the lady about something. Met the management. I go about what I needed to do. God used my mouth, go up in her business, all through it, around it. Then the other two ladies went up in their business. That was a new lady came. He went up in her business. These people work for HUD. They looking at I didn't have no more problems with nobody in there.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: The angels of the Lord come and swept it clean. You used to couldn't walk through there late at night. When God got through, I could walk anywhere I wanted, never worry about nothing. I became a candy lady, cooking and baking in the summer. I fed the children chicken and a roll in the winter, soup, chili, cornbread. God was amazing. Don't move. Don't go nowhere.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Not long from now, god is opening a door for you to get out. Not long from yes. But you got to wait until your work is done.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: There's a ministry that's going to birth from where you are, a ministry. And these are going to be the type asia. Hey, God. These are going to be the kind of people that come to your ministry because they're going to be in dire need. They're going to be in dire strength, and you'll be able not to be afraid of them because you lived around that's right. Amen.

Speaker C: Thank you.

Speaker B: All right. Thank you.

Speaker A: Thank you. SIS, I think we have about nine minutes remaining, but I tell you what, I might have to have you come back. SIS, we'll talk about it.

Speaker C: Okay.

Speaker A: But let me see if I could yes. Thank you so much. Let me see. Let's talk about I made up this word, Moses. Itis right. Or Moses. ISIS.

Speaker B: Whatever.

Speaker A: There's this idea that, you know, how Moses was being called. He never quite felt qualified. Do you feel even now or ever feel unqualified for the.

Speaker C: Yeah.

Speaker A: How do you work with that? How do you work or overcome that?

Speaker B: Obedience is better. Yes, obedience is better. Because I don't for what he did.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: I don't feel like I deserve it.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: And he has spoiled me. Right. And he has spoiled me because I ask for something, he give it, and I just don't feel like I'm doing enough, really, because he has been good to me, and some days I don't feel like I'm that person. I don't feel like I'm that apostle. Paul. But then when I look back at my past, where I come from yes. And that's what he do. He changed the hearts of men. For if any man being Christ is a new creature, old things have passed away, and behold, all things have become new. So he made me over again so that I could do the work.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: He took me through the training Himself so that I could do the work.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker A: Amen. Thank you.

Speaker B: It just excites me. And the spirit of the Lord touched me through the excitement because I know nobody but him.

Speaker A: Amen. I hear that every time you speak. I hear sometimes you're talking just like how you just went off a while ago and gave thanks to God. I hear that. I feel that in my spirit, looking back, you're looking back and saying, oh, how good has God been to me? He brought me from a well, he brought me a mighty long way. What has been your hardest challenge in ministry? And I want to talk about maybe just one more thing before you go. I definitely want you to tell people how we can get in touch with you. And I will definitely put that in the show notes, too, when I post the podcast. But what has been your hardest challenge? How are you overcoming that and a verse that you're meditating on right now that's carrying you through that would be.

Speaker B: This the hardest thing to get through is when you share with people and they don't believe. Hard for me because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, god is for you, he love you.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: But you decide to have darkness rather than light. And so that is very hard. Some days some days it make me cry. Some days when I see the way that people stay, their ministers or they're preachers or they're saved, and then I see the lifestyle, it hurts.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Because I know he suffered for you.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: And he made you for his pleasure, but you rather have darkness rather than light. Now, that's the hardest part. But then even in that, I have to trust God. The scripture that comes to mind right this minute would be Proverbs chapter three, verses five through seven. Trust in the Lord with all that. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you with all thine heart. And lean not to thine own understanding in all thy ways. Acknowledge Him. Become the promise, and he shall direct Thy path. Be not wise in thine own eyes. Fear the Lord and depart from evil. Once you get this going, it sound a lot simple, but you got to focus and obey that. Apply that to your everyday life. I've lived that thing since the 80s. Trust in God.

Speaker C: Yes.

Speaker B: Had some hard days, but I had to trust God through it all. Yeah.

Speaker A: And again, I'm going to make sure that I'm linking your information in the show notes, freedom Ministries and Jesus in the morning. As you look back on your years of ministry, what are the things that maybe when you just started this, they felt important, but they're not important anymore?

Speaker B: When I first started off, what I thought was important was to try to have a platform like other people. So I quickly had to learn that's not important. What's important is what I'm doing, not what they're doing, because what they're doing, they're doing it. I'm doing it through you. Pay attention to me. Get your eyes off people. Don't try to impress. Be real. Tell the. Truth.

Speaker A: Amen. Amen. What do you want? Your last question. What do you want your contribution to the kingdom to be? And how are you working towards that?

Speaker B: What I'd like to do is bring as many souls to Christ as possible. This is what get me up to the mic. 07:00, a.m. Eastern Standard Time every morning that I'm hoping to share with the people how to go about to lift up the name of Jesus, because if he be lifted up, he will draw. And how for them to be workers in the vineyard, because the harvest is plenty of, but the labels are few. And we pray that the Lord of the harvest would send more laborers into the vineyard. But what about the labor he called or chose us for? So we have to stay focused and stay on fire for God and put Him first in everything. Walk in the spirit that we don't fulfill the lust of our flesh. And just keep your eye on Him. Yes, keep your eye on Him and he'll lead and guide you. Yeah.

Speaker A: Amen. Share with us your information about.

Speaker B: Well, I love Jesus in the Morning. I can't help it. Jesus in the Morning radio talk show. You can type in freedomdoorsministries. The call-in number is 619-639-4609. Yeah, you can reach me there. And for Freedomdoorsministries, you can just write us at And you can get a hold of very good.

Speaker A: And if they want to listen to the podcast like I did, you go to Google Podcasts or any other podcast platform, I guess, and type in Jesus in the Morning iTunes as well. Are you also now on YouTube?

Speaker B: I heard that you're talking about going there.

Speaker B: I'm working on it, yes.

Speaker A: She was able to join us by video.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker C: Okay.

Speaker A: Welcome, my sister. It's nice to meet.

Speaker C: You.

Speaker A: So very good, sister Barb. Thank you. I feel like we are kindred spirits, and of course, we are because we have the same Holy Spirit. And thank you so much. I love you, sister Irene. Love you, too. I'm just meeting both of you, but thank you so much for being here and hopefully, this is not the last time we talk. I really would like us to connect in another way, but thank you.

Speaker B: You have my information. You have that personal email address. Very good. Write me and I'll send you my number as well. Because I have your number.

Speaker A: Okay, very good.

Speaker B: Because I come north sometimes. New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia. So anytime I'm coming that way, I'll be in contact too.

Speaker A: Very good. I would love to meet you in person. So thank you so much again and God bless you. We'll talk.

Speaker B: God bless you.

Speaker A: I will make sure that you have access to this. You can also post that on your websites or your blog or wherever you want to put it. I'll make sure when it's edited, you get a copy.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: All right.

Speaker B: God bless you.

Speaker A: Bye bye. Thank you. Bye bye.

Speaker B: Bye bye. God bless you.

Speaker A: Oh, this thank you so much for joining us today. We hope that this episode encourages you to do whatever the Lord is calling you to. This is Tanisha. See you in the next episode.


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